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Integrated innovative VMS for boats and small ships -i2VMS



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Integrated innovative VMS for boats and small ships -i2VMS

Supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Programme Business Development, Innovation and SMEs, Bulgaria

Innovation Norway

Project budget: 327 120.00 EUR
Grant: 196 000.00 EUR
Duration: 24 months, within April 30, 2023
Project Contract: 2020/551621
Project Promoter: Scortel Ltd.

Project Partner: FourC AS –


Aim of the project:
The i2VMS project envisages a set of technical solutions, which together provide a reduction in fuel consumption of small ships and motor boats and as a result - reduction of harmful emissions. Along with this effect, additional benefits are achieved, including:

  • Increasing the security of the ship / crew;

  • Improved control of the environment (air and water), thanks to which the monitoring bodies and regulators can take adequate measures to limit the harmful effects of commercial activity itself, as well as to react when other sources of pollution are identified;

  • The monitoring and control of the fish resources in the water area in which the fishing vessels on which the given equipment is installed is improved. Our project envisages the development of a complex method to support the operation of existing or new Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) and Electronic Reporting Systems (ERS), by ensuring their maximum autonomy based on on-board RES devices and adding a set of sensors to monitor the environment, operations and condition of the ship.

Project Activities:

Activity 1 “Studies and consultancy”
Includes the following main activities:
  • Provision of Legal services during the project implementation period related with preparation and organization of the relevant tender procedures;

  • Provision of Services for registration of utility models (Intellectual rights);

  • Provision of Services for technology and know-how transfer from the Project Partner - FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System technology for I2VMS remote process monitoring and control.

Activity 2 “Research & Development and Innovation”
The development contains the following main blocks (modules), complementing and integrating with the on-board VMS / ERS systems:

  • Autonomous Smart Power Supply (ASPS);

  • Ship State Control Block (SSCB) and its main units (engine, pumps, navigation and communication equipment) - supported by SMA (Ship Management Application);

  • Operations and Environmental Control Block (OECB) - supported by OMA (Operations Management Application).

Each of the three modules (blocks) can function independently (locally or as an element of a monitoring and management system) or in interaction with one or the other two modules, and the joint (integrated) use of the three modules provides maximum benefit - for the shipowner and for the environment. The result of the development is a prototype of an integrated system for monitoring and supporting the management of fishing vessels with the following components:

  • ASPS - on-board kit and application for local and remote control;

  • SSCB - on-board kit and application for local and remote control;

  • OECB - on-board kit and application for local and remote control.

Activity 3 “Investments”
Following good practices, Programme Business Development, Innovation and SMEs, Bulgaria rules and applicable national and EU laws during the project implementation Scortel Ltd. will perform the relevant tender procedures to acquire the following tangible and intangible assets:

  • Purchase of new VMS software development and operations platform, including operations simulation and evaluation – 1 set;

  • Purchase of ASPS testing and production platform – 1 set;

  • Purchase of SSCB testing and production platform – 1 set;

  • Purchase of OECB testing and production platform – 1 set.

Project outcomes and outputs:

  • Increased competitiveness of the company:

    • Estimated annual growth in turnover - increase with 48% for year 2024 comparing with baseline year 2018.
    • Estimated annual growth in net operational profit - increase with 575% for year 2024 comparing with baseline year 2019.
  • Estimated annual reduction of the CO2 emissions with 689 040 kg by 2024

  • Estimated number of new job created: 3

  • 5 Innovative solutions applied (new to the enterprise)

  • 5 measure implemented to decrease the CO2 emissions

  • 4 combined hardware and software platforms purchased to be used as a basis for the development activities and afterwards for market realization of the i2VMS technological solutions set

Project Partner’s role:
The Project Partner - FourC AS provides technology and know-how to support the Promoter to create a prototype of the i2VMS operating environment based on its own FourC Groovy M2M Cloud System platform. This includes preparing and adapting the platform towards supporting the concept and architecture of the i2VMS. For developing i2VMS as a cloud system, the Partner will provide technical expertise on how to connect i2VMS distributed devices for management, surveillance, application maintenance and other features in general. Additionally, the Partner will provide the technical framework and the cloud access needed for i2VMS distributed devices to connect to it, similarly as with FourC Groovy M2M Device Platform devices. This thin framework layer will provide feature support on the device and communicate with the cloud i2VMS system.


Supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Programme Business Development, Innovation and SMEs, Bulgaria


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